Blog No. 4 from Kristina Santiago

Blog No. 4 from Kristina Santiago

Que pasa compas!

Today was filled with a lot of traveling, as we had to say goodbye to all our local Tamborian amigos. We stuffed ourselves with the last glorious breakfast, and headed to the ferry on the bus which mobbed through jungle foliage. After waiting a bit to get on the ferry, we were out to sea once again on another 2 hour ride back to San Jose.

When we were safe and sound back on land, we stopped in a little town called San Ramon to kill some time until traffic cleared a bit. Here we did a little shopping, got a few gifts, and I got to try a new snack.. I forgot the exact name but it was basically spicy flavored plantains and they were amazing.

Following our shopping excursion, we finally got back to our hotel ( the same one we originally stayed at in the beginning of our trip) and were able to rest up and prepare for our game at 7pm. Personally, I took this time to catch up on my emails and make a phone call to my mama y papa. Shout out to my daddy, Tony, who is super jealous of all these amazing adventures I get to experience. Wish you were here, love you pops.

As game time approached, we focused on improving on new aspects of our offense and defense. I believe during the ten days of practice before we left, we improved tremendously as a whole and we are really starting to come together. Right off the bat as the game started, we had tenacious defense. This forced numerous turn overs, leading to conversions for points. I am very pleased with where we are as a team right now, and very excited for what the future holds for our team.

Wrapping up my blog, I wanted to let all the families reading know that us girls miss you very much, and can't wait to see you. One more quick shout out to Ariana Elegado, who let's me cut in the buffet line and is teaching me how to shuffle. As always, thank you for reading and I look forward to keeping everyone in the loop.

Buenos noches amigos,

Kristina "T" Santiago