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Home Team

Welcome Cal Poly Football Alumni and Mustang Supporters!

The Executive Board of the Football Alumni Group,  “The Home Team” is organizing our teammates into Alumni Groups Era’s. (I.e. 1968-1973, 1974-1978, 1979-1981, 1982-1986, etc.)  This will allow us to more effectively communicate our reunion and event’s calendar, grow your participation, service our Alumni base, and continue to make contributions, which include membership fees and donations to our Football Alumni sponsored Endowments (Joe Harper Football Scholarship Endowment), Funds (Post Scholarship Fund – Head Coach specific need source), and Athletic/Academic Scholarships (Individual recognized scholarships originated by teammates to honor former team members – Osbaldo Orozco and Dale Barthel).

The breakdown of the Alumni Group Era’s will have an Era Group Leaders. (I.e. 1968-1973 Chris Smeland/John Pettas).  The Leaders will have an individual lead contact for each year within their Era. (I.e. 1968-Rich Christie/Chase Gregory, 1969-Vince Crooks/Jim Sanderson, 1970-Vic Ecklund/Phil Kinney, 1971-Terry Roselli/Mike Church 1972-John Pettas/Dave Quirk, 1973-Chris Smeland/Rich Nominni).

Our goal is to communicate, encourage, and challenge our Alumni Teammates to reconnect and participate with The Home Team for a lifetime.

The Home Team is in the process of generating a calendar for our activities throughout the year. A quick over view begins with Home Team sponsored Tailgates for our six Home Football Games this Fall, Membership Drive and Donation campaign to begin December 1, 2018 thru April 2019 for 2019, Reunion Weekend last Saturday in April 2019. (Five Teams 1968/1969, 1984,1994,2009, and 2014 to be recognized at our Bar-B-Q, no golf or auction just good Bar-B-Q, revelry, story telling and some special recognition).  

The Home Team is assembling your Era and Individual Year Leaders, Teammates you can rally around, to gather contact information, if you would like to volunteer or nominate a Teammate for that roll please contact: Chris Smeland at 517-648-2400 or email at

The Home Team is also developing our Membership Eligibility Criteria and Contact Sheet, our Membership Donation Commitment Form and donation levels, and so you can have confidence in where your membership fees and donations go and where you can see the transparency of our efforts we will provide you with accurate and updated balances of the Endowment, Funds, and Scholarships.

The Home Team is excited about our future and is expanding our Executive Board and everyone’s participation, so get involved, compete, and find a way to make contact if you have the time and effort to make this Group Great! Go Mustangs!

CLICK HERE for Contact Sheet

CLICK HERE for Reunion Dates

Home Team Events

  • Reunion Weekend
  • Football Banquet
  • Home Team Tailgates

Upcoming Events

  • Home Team Tailgate - September 29
    • Cal Poly vs. Montana - Spanos Stadium

Please join us on the Home Team! We are ALL looking forward to your support.

Make all checks payable to: Cal Poly Athletic Advancement (Note: The Home Team)

Cal Poly Athletic Advancement
Attn: The Home Team
One Grand Avenue
San Luis Obispo, CA 93407-0388

We thank you for making the Home Team commitment as a fellow Mustang!