Howie O'Daniels
Howie O'Daniels
Sport: Football
Inducted: 1988

Howie O'Daniels is a name recognized by many Cal Poly athletes, friends and alumni. Throughout his 38-year span at Cal Poly that began in 1933, he helped build the Mustang athletic program up to today's successful level as a coach for football, basketball, baseball, track & field and an administrator.

In the 1950s he was the line and defense coach under Roy Hughes. In 1960 after surviving the Toledo plane crash he focused more attention on his retail businesses in Cambria and Morro Bay; volunteering time to help the Mustang football team. He was instrumental in the formation of the California Collegiate Athletic Association and was a founding member of the Mustang Booster Club.

He retired from Cal Poly in 1971 and was a generous supporter of Mustang athletics. Howie enjoyed sailing. He competed in sailing competitions from the United States to Mexico. He also traveled between Mexico and Canada often. Howie passed away in 1991 and his wife, Mary, passed away in 1996.