Richard O'Neill
Richard O'Neill
Sport: Athletic Development
Inducted: 1987

Richard O'Neill is a 1948 graduate of College of Agriculture, is a unique, warm and generous individual who has been supporting Cal Poly Athletics for over three decades.

He has been instrumental in helping Cal Poly athletic funding stability. His personal and financial commitment to athletics was the catalyst for the birth and success of Supporters of Mustang Athletic Teams (SUMAT). His efforts have allowed the Cal Poly athletic program to double scholarships over the past decade. Richard has long been a loyal supporter of many of Cal Poly's programs. He was a member of the SUMAT Board of Directors and of the President's Round Table.

Richard, who passed away in 2010, and his wife Donna resided in San Juan Capistrano. He was a successful land developer, restaurateur, and horse breeder. He also served as the Democratic Party state chairman from 1976-1981.