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Baggett Stadium Enhancement Project at Cal Poly Unveiled

Baggett Stadium Enhancement Project at Cal Poly Unveiled

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. -- With $4 million in pledges from private sources in hand, the $6 million Baggett Stadium Enhancement Project has been given the go-ahead to begin architectural design work and secure bids from contractors over the next 12 months.  

Phase I of the project, a two-story clubhouse including an expanded lockerroom, state-of-the-art athletic training and physical therapy room, a lounge/study area, a dressing room for umpires, coaches' offices, conference room, the Founders Pavilion and a Legends Lobby entrance also will include installation of permanent seating to replace temporary bleachers, raising the capacity of Baggett Stadium to between 3,250 and 3,500 fans.  

"The addition of a new, state-of-the-art clubhouse will greatly benefit our student-athletes," said 13-year Mustang head baseball coach Larry Lee. "Besides the spacious locker room, the clubhouse will have a study area, video room and a kitchen. They will be able to spend more time at the Baggett facility, bettering themselves as a player and as a student. We are very excited that the new clubhouse will pay dividends in our program's future."  

"This is a necessary project to improve the overall student-athlete experience of our young men in our baseball program," added Cal Poly director of athletics Don Oberhelman. "It will help solidify our position as a perennial top-flight Division I baseball program on the West Coast.  

"A facility like this will only serve to enhance the teacher/scholar model so important to Cal Poly," Oberhelman said. "The project will greatly improve such areas as study space, lockers, conference rooms, video facilities and, most importantly, sports medicine and physical therapy for our student-athletes."  

Current schedule for the project calls for architectural and design work and the solicitation of contractors' bids during the next year, with groundbreaking immediately following the 2016 baseball season. The team will use temporary locker facilities during the 2017 season with the project completed by Fall 2017.

"I've always believed that Cal Poly baseball could compete at the national level," said Robin Baggett, a catcher at Cal Poly in the early 1970s and for whom the stadium is named. "Our recent teams have proved me correct. Now with this stadium enhancement project, our next stop will be Omaha.

"The vision of Baggett Stadium in 1999 was to provide Cal Poly with a premier facility in the NCAA," Baggett added. "After 15 years, it was time to enhance the facility through improving the clubhouse for our recruits, student-athletes and Founder donors to the program, but also enhancing the facility for all fans.

"I'm proud to see the number of supporters who have stepped up to support the Cal Poly baseball program," Baggett said. "Seeing baseball alumni, Cal Poly alumni, local community and parents of student-athletes all step up to make this a reality gives me great pride in the Cal Poly baseball program.

"We trust Coach Lee to continue to work with the student athletes to make Cal Poly a perennial top-25 program that can continue to compete to host NCAA Regionals and win Big West Championships."

The new clubhouse will be built on the site of the existing clubhouse. The current facility will be demolished down to the concrete pad. In its place, the first floor will include lockers for coaches and umpires, an equipment and laundry room and a mud room for players to clean their cleats. The Founders Pavilion will occupy the second floor adjacent to the current Krukow's Klubhouse.  

The rest of the clubhouse will be built between the current batting cages and Stadium Drive. The first floor will be the players' lockerroom along with the athletic training room and the lounge/study area. Atop the players' lockerroom will be coaches' offices, restrooms and a conference room along with the Legends Lobby.

"This new clubhouse is going to bring the Cal Poly baseball program to the next level," said redshirt sophomore catcher Brett Barbier. "Over the past couple of years, the program has made leaps and bounds from where it used to be. With a new clubhouse, it will push the program even closer to where we want to be. It will also give us another reason to be at the field, which is never a bad thing for us players."  

Added freshman southpaw pitcher Kyle Smith, "With the new addition of the clubhouse, the Cal Poly baseball program will make huge strides in enhancing its student-athletes. The new facility will provide us with an additional study area, which may be one of the best features since we spend countless hours at Baggett Stadium. This clubhouse will take Cal Poly baseball to new heights."  

Cal Poly associate director of athletics Ashley Offermann has identified 25 of the 30 founders necessary for the project, each pledging $100,000 or more over a five-year period.  

Benefits for members of the Diamond Foundation Founders range from unlimited lifetime access to the Founders Pavilion, naming opportunities within the clubhouse facility, travel opportunities to series on the road, including postseason VIP packages for NCAA postseason competition, a Founders embroidered letterman's jacket and an annual Cal Poly parking permit.  

"The leadership of our Associate Athletic Director, Ashley Offermann, has been invaluable in making this project a reality for Cal Poly," said Oberhelman.

The permanent seats to be built on the plaza level behind the 768 existing chairback seats will include aluminum bleacher seats enclosed with a facade facing the concourse and Ozzie Smith Plaza.  

Individuals with a desire to support the project can contact Offermann at or by calling (805) 440-9792.














Upper Floor Plan
















Lower Floor Plan