Cal Poly Football Coaching Staff

Tim Walsh

Head Coach

Phone: 805-756-7687

Jim Craft

Associate Head Coach - Offensive Coordinator

Phone: 805-756-2726

Aristotle Thompson

Assistant Head Coach - Running Backs & Recruiting Coordinator

Phone: 805-756-5140

Dan Ferrigno

Assistant Coach - Wide Receivers & Special Teams Coordinator

Phone: 805-756-2867

Dano Graves

Assistant Coach - Quarterbacks

Phone: 805-756-1338

Kenneth McMillan

Assistant Coach - Fullbacks

Phone: 805-756-7687

Josh Brown

Defensive Coordinator - Inside Linebackers

Phone: 805-756-2866

James Jones III

Assistant Coach - Defensive Line

Phone: 805-756-2866

Josh Letuligasenoa

Assistant Coach -- Outside Linebackers

Phone: 805-756-2928

Randy Stewart

Assistant Coach - Safeties

Phone: 805-756-7389

Wes Nurse

Assistant Coach - Cornerbacks

Phone: 805-756-7389

Joe Harper

Offensive Analyst

Phone: 805-756-7687

Harrison Keller

Offensive Analyst

Phone: 805-756-7687

Dan Atencio

Defensive Analyst

Phone: 805-756-7687

Travis Roth

Director of Football Operations

Phone: 805-756-7687

Prince Williams

Sports Medicine Professional

Phone: 805-756-2096

Rich Hodgkinson

Director of Athletic Equipment Services

Phone: 805-756-1188