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Program Profile: Jared Rice

Program Profile: Jared Rice

EDITOR'S NOTE: Cal Poly men's basketball players write an original piece for each game-day program on which they're featured on the cover. Freshman guard Jared Rice is the featured Mustang for the program's Saturday, Jan. 12 matchup versus CSUN. Game time is 7 p.m. inside Mott Athletics Center.

On the Road with the Mustangs

As a student-athlete at Cal Poly, a major part of your busy and exciting life is the travel involved with your sport. As a basketball program, we pretty much travel non-stop. I didn't get to participate in a lot of travel last year due to redshirting, but as an eligible player this year, I've quickly learned that travel is just a normal part of my life.

Already this season, we've been to four states (Arizona, Washington, Oregon and New York) and all across California. All of this has been enjoyable, but we do consider these business trips because we have something to get done every time we step on to an opponent's court.

It's very difficult to manage schoolwork with all of the travel, but attending office hours and being close with each professor helps tremendously. They may be able to set alternate exam dates and work around the busy basketball schedule. I tend to read on the road and do homework during my free time away from home. The long bus rides and plane rides are a great time to get work done with very little distraction.

Being away from home with a great group of guys creates many memories. Not many people get to travel and see so many different places, so I cherish these moments and make the most out of each and every road trip with this team.

Jared Rice

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