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'Running has been the ace up my sleeve' -- Coach Conover

'Running has been the ace up my sleeve' -- Coach Conover

Note: The following is an excerpt from a first-person story published in Runner's World Magazine. To read the entire piece, click here.

I Have Cancer Again.  I've Never Been More Grateful to Belong to the Running Community

The 1988 Olympic Marathon Trials champion details his second health struggle, 26 years after his first.

By Mark Conover
as Told to Sarah Lorge Butler

May 9, 2019

        Looking back, I realize now I was feeling more fatigued than usual in the fall.  But at the time, it didn't seem like anything out of the ordinary. 

        Life is always pretty busy.  I'm the Director of Track & Field and Cross Country at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, about three hours north of Los Angeles.  I'm about to turn 59, married, and a dad to 12-year-old triplets. 

        Although it's been 31 years since the best race of my life — the 1988 Olympic Marathon Trials, which I won — I still like to run, at least 30 minutes a day when I'm healthy.  So sure, a little fatigue comes with the territory.


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Custom socks made with a silhouette of Coach Conover are available through Saturday, June 1. $25 proceeds for the inspirational product go toward the Conover family as a measure of solidarity and fundraiser to defray cost associated with cancer treatment.

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