Cal Poly Women's Tennis Prospective Student-Athlete Questionnaire

Last Name
First Name
Middle Initial
Gender Male   Female
Cell Phone
Home Phone
Address (Street)
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Father's Name
Business Phone
Alma Mater
Mother's Name
Business Phone
Alma Mater
Brothers and Sisters (List Ages)

High School

Graduation Date
Cume GPA
SAT M (Score + Date)
SAT V (Score + Date)
SAT W (Score + Date)
ACT Composite
Applied with NCAA Clearinghouse? Yes   No
NCAA Qualifier?
Yes   No

High School Coach's Name

High School Coach's Cell
High School Coach's Email

Junior Team Coach's Name

Junior Team Coach's Cell
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Name of Junior Team  

Junior College

City and State
Graduation Date
Units Passed
Units in Progress
Junior College Coach's Name
Junior College Coach's Cell
Junior College Coach's Email
Are you completing an AA degree this spring? Y or N Yes   No
If no, were you an NCAA qualifier out of high school? Yes   No
If yes, which one?

Hobbies or special interests

What is your intended major or majors you are interested in?
Best three women's tennis players in your area (not yet graduated)
List the top three universities you would like to attend (in order)
Have you sent a transcript for evaluation? If no, please do so. Yes   No
Have you applied for financial aid? Yes   No
Do you have reason to believe you will qualify for financial aid? Yes   No
High school statistics
Your email address
Do you have any family members who are Cal Poly alums?
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