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Frequently Asked Questions

To view FAQ's on overall giving to the University, CLICK HERE

Why should I give?
Your contribution to the Stampede Club is vital to maintaining competitive NCAA Division I programs.

What is my contribution used for?
Annual contributions to the Stampede Club are used to help support student-athletes.

What is the Stampede Club?
The Stampede Club is the annual giving program for Cal Poly Athletics. Anyone who donates money for student-athletes support is a Stampede Club member. These members may receive benefits (season tickets, priority parking pass, etc.) or waive these benefits in lieu of a full tax deduction. If a member waives these benefits they may designate their funds to go to a specific sport.

What are the benefits of Stampede Club membership?
Benefits differ with each level of giving. They include program recognition, gold cards, Mustang Corral pre-game parties, reserved season tickets, media guides, and invitations to special events. See brochure for further details.

Are parking benefits extended to donors?
Yes, priority parking is extended to our donors for football and men's basketball. Parking privelidges are also extended to our Alex G. Spanos Suite holders. See Priority Parking.

How do I get to sit in the best seats in Mott Gym, Baggett Stadium, or Alex G. Spanos Stadium?
In order to sit in the chair back seats you must purchase a seat option. A seat option is a fee charged for the rights to a seat within a facility. See the seat option information sheet for details. Go to Priority Seating

How is my seating location determined?
Seating location is based on the priority point system. The system is based on:
• Level of financial support to Cal Poly athletic since 1988 – one point for each $100 contributed to Cal Poly Athletics since 1988
• Volunteer service for the Athletic Department – two points for serving on the Mustang Athletic Fund Board of Directors or on a Campaign Steering Committee. One point for volunteering on the fund drive, special events, marketing, or out-of-area committees of the Mustang Athletic Fund.
• Years of being a season ticket holder since the 1994/95 season – one point for each sport and year (excludes season tickets received as benefits)
• Level of University support – one point for every $1,000 contributed to the University (excludes gifts to athletics).

Why join the Stampede Club?
No two people have identical reasons for joining the Stampede Club. However, some of the reasons include:
a. Keeping the athletic program strong makes good business sense to the community and the economy. A successful program attracts fan interest and attendance and this has a positive impact on the local economy.
b. Civic pride in knowing that an effective support organization and a successful athletic program are mutually beneficial activities.
c. A personal concern for the University and its image on the local and national level.
d. Satisfaction knowing that your support is providing Cal Poly student-athletes the opportunities to compete in intercollegiate athletics and to receive an education from one of the finest universities in the nation.
e. Fun – social benefits of belonging to the Stampede Club include meeting new friends, keeping in touch with old friends, and making possible business contacts.

I do not live on the Central Coast; and therefore, cannot take advantage of the benefits offered through Stampede Club membership. Why should I join?
a. You will receive satisfaction in knowing that your support is providing Cal Poly student-athletes the opportunities to compete in intercollegiate athletics and to receive an education from one of the finest universities in the nation.
b. By waiving your benefits, you will receive a 100% tax deduction on your gift.
c. You will receive invitations to Cal Poly special events taking place in your area and on campus
d. At certain giving levels you will receive tickets to a Cal Poly game in your area.

Can I purchase additional season tickets to the ones I receive as Stampede Club benefits?
You may purchase additional season tickets as a Stampede Club member only if you have been doing so in the past.

If I am a current Stampede Club member and I am sitting in a row that will be converted to chair back seats, what happens to me?
First of all, you will be given an opportunity to purchase the seat options on your seats. If you choose not to purchase those seat options, then you will be reassigned seats based on the priority point system. Every effort will be made to keep you as close to your original seat as possible.

When are pledges to the Stampede Club due?
We prefer immediate payment by check or credit card (Visa, MasterCard and American Express are accepted). However, payments can be made, so long as payment in full is received by May 1.